Wednesday, August 5, 2015

ATCs: My First Paying Job

"Chores" by Dawn Spagna
It's interesting how our introduction into the workforce can shape our careers and our life journey. "My First Paying Job" was the theme of the July FiberAntics ATC [Artist Trading Card] swap.

Knowing a little about some of the traders in my swap, what these artists illustrated as their "First Paying Job" made perfect sense. It's funny how life comes full circle, isn't it?

A few of the traders indicated the hourly wage for these first jobs. My, how times have changed… Possibly you can identify with one or more of these jobs. What was your first job and how much did it pay?

"Babysitting" by Sharon Griffith
Karen's babysitting job paid 50 cents an hour.
"Babysitting" by Karen Downer
Diane earned 35 cents for vacuuming the carpet at the dress shop. She was age 6 at the time.
"Vacuuming the carpet at a dress shop."
by Diane Pineschi
Bonnie retired from a career in the accounting field. This is where she got her start.
"Summer Secretary at South Church"
by Bonnie Stevens
 Liz is an amazing quilt maker and quilting instructor—with appliqué as her specialty. She got a taste of needle and thread sewing costumes for the college's theatre department.
"My first real paying job!!"
Sewing costumes for the theatre department while at college.
by Liz Armstrong
Marilyn, an accomplished seamstress and art quilter, worked at a tailor shop at age 16.
"Working at a Tailor Shop"
by Marilyn League
I remember the video training tapes my friends/co-workers had to watch at my first job at McDonald's. One of the topics was Suggestive Selling. "Would you like fries with your burger?" This job paid $1.90 an hour. I recently saw a "Hiring" sign outside a McDonald's which read: $8 an hour.
"McDonald's—Home of the Big Mac"
by Veronica Hofman-Ortega
The hamburgers aren't 30 cents anymore, either.
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