Friday, May 1, 2015

ATCs: Steampunk Style

The theme for the FiberAntics April ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap was based on the current "Steampunk" trend that blends technology, Victorian styling and 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery. Wickipedia's definition is here, but my favorite description of steampunk is "what the past would look like had the future happened sooner."
"Accounts Receivable Steampunk" by Marilyn League
Memphis, TN
I was somewhat hesitant about including this theme in my ATC swaps—thinking it might be a bit "out there" or too trendy and the traders might draw a blank (yeah, yeah, I can hear them saying, "so, when has that stopped you before?"). But I was mistaken once the envelopes were opened and the cards tumbled out. This month's ATC artists came through in flying—neutral and vintage—colors with beautifully crafted pieces of artwork in the fun and funky steampunk style.

This time, I've included the city and state of the artists in the photo captions. You will note the ATC swap participants come from all over the country. Here are the cards...
"Steampunk Style" by Debbie Joyner
Soddy Daisy, TN

"Steampunk" by Diane Pineschi
West Los Angeles, CA

"In the Steampunk Manner" by Elizabeth Armstrong
Arlington Heights, IL

"Steam Punk" by Karen Downer
Chattanooga, TN
 Some of Dawn's cards included a pop-up.
"Steampunk" by Dawn Spagna
Santa Monica, CA
 Here is the inside:
Inside of "Steampunk" by Dawn Spagna
Santa Monica, CA
This next ATC illustrates "a broad range of musical styles among Steampunk music acts, from industrial dance and world music to folk rock , hip-hop, and opera, to name a few."
"Steampunk" by Sharon Joyner Griffith

"Is it Steampunk or Sparklypunk?" by Bonnie Stevens
Arlington Heights, IL

"The original steampunk, The Wild Wild West"
by Veronica Hofman-Ortega
Chattanooga, TN
"Steampunk Style" by Cathy Dillon
Arlington Heights, IL

On occasion, I receive other little goodies in the envelopes along with the ATCs (which are all so appreciated and treasured!). This month I received this pretty note card with a sweet note inside from one of the traders. The artist said she really enjoyed last month's post about the Herb ATCs, and is thrilled that the FiberAntics ATC swaps give the artists options for making their ATCs. They can be one-of-a-kind (each card unique), in a series (the cards follow a theme and are similar but not exactly the same), or a limited edition (all cards are virtually identical). Thanks for the feedback and I am happy you are enjoying the trades!

My FiberAntics Swap Guidelines can be found here. Although we follow a theme each month, I like (and prefer!) that the Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) offer creative freedom with materials, techniques and interpretations. It's fun and interesting to see everyone's styles, interpretation of the theme, and the mediums in which each of us work.

Over the past 7 years, fiber artists, quilters, sewers, weavers, felters, scrapbookers, book artists, painters, watercolorists, and artists, crafters and makers of all kinds have participated in my swaps. I learn something new with every trade, am inspired by the creativity and workmanship of the cards and their makers, and best of all, these artistic little gems bring a good laugh and a smile to my day.

Leave a comment on what you like about Artist Trading Cards. I'd love to hear!
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