Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Annual Easter egg antics

We had our annual Easter egg coloring adventure and had fun, as usual. This year we experimented with brown as well as white eggs. 
The annual egg dyeing event.
The tradition of the baseball egg continued.
The baseball egg.
Rubber band resists are always a hit at our house. We got more adventurous this year with multiple bands and also introduced some wavy lines.
Preparing the resist

Letting the egg drip dry before removing the rubber bands.

Resist dyed egg.
We found some metallic and Gel FX colors in the Crayola box of 96. These colors produced a richer, more prominent color on the eggs and were easier to see when mark-making.
Gel and metallic crayons worked very well.
Free-motion quilting designs are my favorites to do. You can't get enough drawing practice, I always say.
Free-motion quilting patterns on eggs.
These are the outcomes with the rubber band resists. A few of them started as brown eggs. Some incorporated crayon drawings as well as the resists. The color palette was warmer and earthy because of the brown eggs.
Resist dyed eggs.
We lost 5 eggs due to cracks... which went directly into the makings of egg salad. The rest made this pretty display.
25 colored eggs.
Here are several that are packed in a Easter basket, ready to go to mom's house.
Easter basket for mom.
Did you do any egg dying this year?
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