Monday, July 7, 2014

Is it too early for Christmas cheer?

Christmas Slices
17" x 39"
There are 170 days until Christmas.

If you are a maker or crafter, you probably have already compiled your To-Make List of holiday projects and hand-crafted gifts... checking each project off the list as you go. And "Christmas in July," a popular marketing motivation, is a good reminder to us gift-makers that the clock is tick... tick… ticking...

Another "impetus for making" is Blank Quilting's new Color Story pre-cut strip sets. These 20-strip packs (half the size of the 40-strip packs) come in various colorways and are perfect for those smaller, get-it-done-in-a-weekend projects. Contact YLQS [your local quilt shop] to see which color stories they have coming in.

This holiday wall hanging is a prime example of a weekend project! It's a variation of Tammy Silvers' [TamarinisCelebration Slices pattern. I finished paper piecing it in an evening using Blank Quilting's green strip set along with coordinating prints from Blank's summer fabric collections and blender lines.

Fabric stats:
Border print—Bellagio 6889 white
Inner border—Paradiso 6966 red
blue background—Splash and Sachet blenders
greens for tree—Color Story 2.5" pre-cut strips (green colorway)

I'd rate this paper pricing project at a beginner level. I copied the paper patterns at 85% to accommodate the 2.5" width of the pre-cut strip assortment (or you could absolutely copy at 100% and use fat quarters as the pattern directs). The pattern also includes appliqué shapes for ball ornaments and a star tree topper (see pattern picture below) that are fused on after it's quilted.

For quilters living in east Tennessee, you can stop in at these quilt shops for the pattern: The Cherry Pit, and Dizzy Divas Fabric Shop, and Loose Threads. If you contact any of these shops, please tell them you saw this project here at my FiberAntics by Veronica blog.

"Celebration Slices" pattern by Tammy Silvers.
Color Story pre-cut 2.5" strips by Blank Quilting (20 strip packs).
This little quilt can be used as a wall-hanging or table topper, but the extended vertical format (my unquilted top is 17" wide x 39" tall) makes it so apropos to hang on a door. Now, wouldn't that be a festive and welcoming display on your front door?!?

Go and make something merry! Tick, tock… tick, tock...
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