Sunday, April 27, 2014

ATCs: When not working, you'll find me...

Life goes faster and faster each day, so it seems. According to the American Time Use Survey [Bureau of Labor Statistics], the average working person spends somewhere between 6% to 18% of their day on leisure activities and doing "other" things. So when ATC (Artist Trading Card) artists were asked to depict the theme, "When not working, you'll find me…", this is how they responded.
" When not working, you'll find me …"
Linda Smith divides her time with various quilting related activities.
"When not working, I'm Sewing"
By Liz Armstrong
"What I do when I'm not working… I enjoy being a Mom, Grandmom,
stitching, quilting, baking, reading and the great outdoors."
By Sharon Griffith
"When not working, you'll find me packed and ready to go!"
By Karen Downer
"When not working, you'll find me at Books and Bach"
By Cathy Dillon
 This ATC is an interactive one.
"When not working, you'll find me opening the refrigerator."
By Bonnie Stevens
Inside of ATC by Bonnie Stevens.
This ATC artist spends much of her non-working time making ATCs. She searched her collection and shared several of her "oldies but goodies" with us.
"Sun" by Marilyn League
"Fun Dots" by Marilyn League
"UTQG Retreat 2006"
By Marilyn League 
"Cosmos" by Marilyn League
"When I'm not working, I'm dreaming about work."
(the brain never stops)
By Veronica Hofman-Ortega
I hope this finds you not working and doing something interesting and fun… like reading this blog and enjoying these fabulous Artist Trading Cards!
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