Sunday, March 30, 2014

ATCs: Feet

What is a 4-letter word… used for walking, dancing, measuring, sewing and found on certain pieces of furniture? "Feet" was the theme for the March Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap. Here are the interpretations for this month's theme. I hope they put a spring in your step.
"Happy Feet"
Happy tells of one penguin's journey.
by Sharon Griffith
"Getting Back in Again"
by Liz Armstrong
"Treading on Daisies"
by Bonnie Stevens
"Keep off the Grass"
by Marilyn League
"Who Goes There?"
by Linda Smith
Do you think it's wrong to love one foot more than the others? You have to flip open the cover of this ATC to find out...
Is it wrong to love one foot more than the others?
If you are a quilter, you will understand perfectly.
"The single hole quarter inch piecing foot!"
by Karen Downer
"3 feet = a Yard"
by Veronica Hofman-Ortega
 A little chocolate can also get your feet doing a little "happy dance." Happy Spring to all of you!
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