Thursday, October 31, 2013

ATCs: From the Stone Age

Happy All Hallows' Eve, everyone! 
The October FiberAntics ATC (Artist Trading Card) theme—"From the Stone Age"—was an interesting one. It was more interesting than I originally thought, anyway.
"Mother Hippy and Offspring" by Marilyn League

You can take the phrase literally: like referring to the caveman and the primitive hunting and survival implements that was used by pre-historic man.

Or, if you take it more figuratively, it could be a comparison between present day trends and culture and those of a previous time or generation: like when kids refer to their parents as "coming from the Stone Age."

The ATC artists took liberal artistic license with the October ATC theme, "From the Stone Age." Check out their ATCs and you'll see what I mean.
"Stone Age" by Lisa Howard
Quick fact: The Smithsonian has needles made of bone and ivory dating 35,000 years ago. (Maybe this is what Ms. Flintstone used.)
"The Stone Age" by Karen Downer
Quick fact: Archeological evidence suggests that the earliest known purposefully fermented drink (specifically beer) was made around 10,000 BC.
"The Story of Beer" by Sharon Griffith
Surprisingly, even with a "beer buzz," Stone Age cave artists painted anatomically detailed drawings of the wild and domesticated animals of that time.
"Cave Stitching" by Veronica Hofman-Ortega
A type...what?
[typewriter] There is no auto spell-check, or cut and paste keyboard shortcuts with this device.
"From the Stone Age: A type what?"
by Carlene Jacobsen
So, it seems the Stone Age can be a relative time period. What says "Stone Age" to you?
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