Friday, September 6, 2013

Blueberries, watermelon and feathers!

Kim's red/white/blue Twister quilt top that I showed you in this post, has been quilted. I still love the red-and-white checkerboard that appears only on two sides.
Red, white and blue twister quilt. Approsimately 55" x 63".
Free-form feathers in a rich Christmas red thread [Wonderfil Kotton, 50 wt. cotton] were quilted throughout the center.
Twister center with blueberry and watermelon fabrics.
The feathers spilled into the second inner border.
Free-form feathers spilling into the white border.
The thread was changed for the white border. And changed again for an outer feathered border.
Free-motion quilting in the inner and outer border. 
 Here is the back—which really shows the quilting since Kim chose a solid fabric.
Detail of quilting from the back: outside border and corner.
Free-form feathers intertwine and meander through the center of the quilt.
 This is a happy quilt!
What color do you think she will use for the binding?
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