Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free-motion Quilting Classes
using your home sewing machine

Yes, you can do it! 
I'm here to tell you ...  you can machine quilt ... on your home sewing machine!
Intro to Free-Motion Quilting class.
How to quilt using your home sewing machine.
I'm teaching my Intro to Free-Motion Quilting class at several locations in the near future. This is one of my favorite classes to teach because free-motion quilting is creative, it's liberating and it's so much fun. My teaching schedule includes:

Free-motion quilted feather.
If you've always wanted to learn to free-motion quilt your quilt tops, tote bags, table runners and other items using your home sewing machine, this is the workshop for you! Tell your quilting friends and join me for a fun day with your sewing machine. Contact these shops directly to sign up.

some classes are almost full.

As part of the class, I'll have a Show and Tell of some of my quilts, so you can get more ideas for patterns and designs.
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