Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Easter eggs have feathers

Break out the big Crayola box of 96, the Paas kit, and let's get coloring! It's time for the annual Easter egg coloring event at our house. 
Results from the 2013 Easter egg coloring event.
Having just come from an afternoon of sketching quilting patterns and free-motion quilting a lap quilt, I had my brain programmed with "feathers and fillers." Why not transport these designs over to the egg dying process? 
Free-motion fillers (front left and center), a version of Zentangles (front right)
and quilting motifs (center back).
Above are background fillers, free-motion patterns and an experiment with Zentangle motifs. Below is my "free-form feathered" egg. I must say, it's a lot easier with a pencil and sketch pad, or a sewing machine and a [flat] quilt sandwich.
Easter eggs with Crayon-colored fillers and feathers.
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