Sunday, February 3, 2013

Alpacas to co-star in Super Bowl ad

My good friend, Kathy, owns Rain Dancer Alpacas, an alpaca breeding and boarding business that she runs on her farm in Whitwell, TN. Alpacas, or "hippie camels" as my husband affectionately calls them, are members of the camelid family and their fleece can be spun into luxurious yarns that are soft, lightweight, warm and hypoallergenic (an alternative to wool for people with lanolin allergies).
Hank of alpaca yarn from Wildfire.
This hank of yarn is from Wildfire, one of Kathy's alpacas, and I am coveting it for just the perfect knitting project.

My friend Kathy showing pictures of
her alpacas and her alpaca yarn.
Today, a small herd of alpacas will hit the big screen in a social media-driven Lincoln Motor commercial that will air during the Super Bowl. This commercial should be quite interesting... it's based on Twitter "tweets" that comedian Jimmy Fallon received in response to his open call for people's wackiest road trip experiences. Fallon selected five tweets from some 6,117 that were received.

The tweet induced commercial knits together these five tweets and features the Lincoln MKZ, a 2013 midsize sedan. Leslie Warren, of Rancho Keleje Alpacas in Fillmore, California, provided 20 of her alpacas for the filming.

So cheer on your favorite team at today's Super Bowl game, or if you prefer fiber to football, cheer for the alpacas!
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