Sunday, May 27, 2012

ATCs: Slow Food

"Just Green Beans"
Seed to table in 10 weeks.
The May Artist Trading Card (ATC) theme was "Slow Food."

The concept of slow food was established in 1986 as an alternative to fast food. The Slow Food movement encourages the growing, cultivation and harvesting of seeds, plants and livestock of local and regional ecosystems. It promotes the idea of sustainable foods and strives to support the local small businesses that grow and harvest these foods.

So, for the moment, abandon the idea of frozen dinners, drive-thru restaurants, and microwave ovens. Slow food is more about "food to table in 10 weeks"...  rather than 10 minutes.

Just sit back, relax, and take your time perusing these Slow Food ATCs.

"Slow Food"
"Slow Food"
Catch it... Clean it... Fry it...
"Slow Food. Gotta wait 'till I catch it."
"Cooking Food Slow in a Slow Cooker."
We also have some colorful "food for thought"...
"Slow Food (for thought)"
Here is the back of "Slow Food (for thought)." What IS she going to do with all her new toys? Ooooh, the possibilities...

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