Friday, April 27, 2012

ATCs: Fast Food

You may have your own ideas about "Fast Food." Once you see the ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) from this month's swap, something else just might cross your mind. Take a look ...

"Fast Food"
"Fast and Cheap Food"
"Fast Food ... Nectar"
Left: "Fast Food (the healthy way)"
Right: "Cherries on the Go"
"One large fry,  please."
 And this one makes Fast Food go even faster...


  1. As usual, the cards are great and the ideas bursting forth from the traders are always amazing. Loving the zebra on the motorbike.I was a bit rushed for time this month and compared to the others feel my cards are fast and cheap too, but maybe next month I will be able to put more effort into my cards for "Slow Food". I think you should give as good as you get in whatever you are sharing.

    1. Marilyn: Your cards are always great and your concepts are fabulous. I love your wicked sense of humor. Can't wait to see ssslooooooow fooood. V

  2. Oh Veronica - I laughed at each one. Never thought we would all go for humor with this title. They are all good and gave me a big smile for the day!

  3. Yep, Lisa's Zebra on the motorbike was the first one I opened. I started laughing out loud. Then I opened Bonnie's prunes. Well, it went down hill from there. Good thing I was by myself. LOL


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