Friday, March 2, 2012

The Sweater Gals

We're sweater proud!
Sweater Gals 2012 at the River Gallery Sculpture Garden.
The women who took my "My First Sweater" workshop celebrated their accomplishments last week with a lunch and outing. The weather was a tad warm for sweaters, but we wore ours with honor all the same.

They treated me to lunch at Tony's Pasta Shop and Trattoria in the Bluff View Art District, downtown Chattanooga. [I'll have my usual, Spaghettini Con Crudo with grilled chicken, thank you very much.] Dessert was at Rembrandt's Coffee House, and then we walked down to the River Gallery Sculpture Garden.

Here are "The Sweater Gals" in their hand-knit Mr. Greenjeans sweaters.
Sharon's Fiery Red raglan.
Left: Pat in her Silver Gray raglan.
Right: Jane chose Capri blue for hers.
Left: Lois likes to push up the sleeves of her Lichen green raglan.
Right: I used a combination of Grenadine, Ecru and Jet Black on mine.
We topped off the outing with a visit to Genuine Purl, a local yarn shop, to peruse the new spring arrivals and find some bargains in the play pen. The store associate did a doule-take when she realized we were all wearing the same sweater.

It was a wonderful afternoon! And, don't their sweaters look fabulous?!?
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