Saturday, February 18, 2012

New knitting class: Mitered Diamond Adventure

Mitered Diamond Shawl
I've been asked to create a new knitting workshop: 
  • something that's interesting, yet fun, 
  • challenging, but an "easy knit," 
  • with the opportunity to learn a new technique (of course!),
  • and play with color. 
So, here it is: A Mitered Diamond Adventure, a workshop on modular knitting.

The beauty and magic of modular, or domino knitting—and what fulfills all the requirements above—is its pure simplicity. In this workshop, participants will explore modular knitting techniques and use the Mitered Diamond Shawl pattern by Michael del Vecchio as the precursory roadmap for the journey. However, since I'm not one for following the itinerary to the letter, and believe you should use a pattern as a jumping-off point, we'll also be taking some "side excursions." We'll experiment with several construction options, discuss design possibilities, and make garment choices to personalize each student's project. Students will be knitting a shawl, wrap, ruana, poncho or similar garment for their class project.

The yarn for the project, Deluxe Worsted Long Print (Universal Yarn), is included in the workshop. It will be offered at a special workshop price to workshop participants. The workshop will be 3 sessions, with the first two sessions on March 5 and 19 from 9:30 am - 12:30. The third session to be scheduled later. A pattern, worksheets and handouts will be provided. Contact me at for more info and to register.

Are you ready for a knitting adventure? Let's go!
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