Saturday, January 28, 2012

ATCs: Who's who in the Zoo?

You just gotta smile at these!

The January theme for the FiberAntics ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap was "Who's who in the Zoo?" and viewing each of the cards was one smile after another.

They didn't come marching in two-by-two as in Noah's floating zoo, but the The Unicorn Song, sung by the Irish Rovers, definitely came to mind. I remember this song from a TV program I watched growing up, "Ray Rayner and His Friends," that aired on WGN in Chicago. The host, one of the pioneers in children's TV programming, Ray Rayner (who also played Oliver O. Oliver on Bozo's Circus), would feature an animal on the program in a segment called "Ark in the Park." Introducing this segment was The Unicorn Song.

So, here are the ATCs from "Who's who in the Zoo."

Left: "King of the Beasts"
Right: "I am the tallest" 
Left: "Jaguar"
Right: "The Animals are behind the Fence"
Above: "Who's who in the zoo?"
Above: The Zebra
These cards also bring back memories of going to the zoo as a youngster. I was privileged to have two zoos available to me in Chicago—Lincoln Park Zoo and Brookfield Zoo. I don't recall if either of them had a unicorn. Unicorns are magical, you know, maybe they did??
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