Thursday, December 29, 2011

Whaddaya think, Teach' ? (part 2)

They are just knitting their hearts out! Here are pics of more handknit projects that were lovingly knit this season by my knitting students for their family and friends.
Stripes, texture patterns, pom-poms and colorwork.
Check out the colorwork on these knitted caps. Using a red/white/green color scheme, Jane modified a basic "leaf" motif to create holly leaves. Then she added French knots for the holly berries. How festive! These hats make you want to take to the slopes.

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  1. Wow..all this knitting is making me want to get out my needles too. I used to knit a lot and made some really lovely and sweet things for my boys when they were small. I actually made a huge sweater from Icelandic yarns and fell in love with Scandinavian patterns. Socks were the most fun to knit. I get chills thinking how wonderful it was to turn a heel! The last things I knitted were some berets for me a long time ago. I still wear them. I smell a New Years resolution here...


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