Friday, October 28, 2011

ATCs: Inside/Outside

Inside/Outside. Which came first?
As  usual, we had various viewpoints and interpretations of this month's ATC (Artist Trading Card) theme, "Inside/Outside."

The last ATC Swap for 2011 is next month with the theme "What did we do before we had ___?!" Oh, so many things come to mind on this one.

Thanks to all the wonderful and gifted artists who share their talents and creativity in these swaps. Each card is a gift and it's so much fun finding those squishy envelopes in the mailbox each month.

Here are this month's gifts.
Left: "Inside/Outside"  Right: "The Self"

Left: "Inside/Outside" 
Right: "Right side/Wrong side; Knit side/Purl side"
 And, anyone who has a pet can relate to this one (below).
"Annie, do you want to be inside or outside?"  "Meow" (yes)
"Annie's Choice"

And, here is Lisa's hand crafted note card that accompanied her ATCs. "Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower." Happiness shared is ATCs.
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