Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Paper piecing table topper: Twisty Star

Evelyn's Twisty Star table topper.
One of my students sent me a photo of her completed "Twisty Star" table topper. Isn't it cute?! She's got a good balance of solids, prints and scale and I love the unexpected little red check. The fall themed border fabric unifies the composition and the topper will make a great home dec piece for this time of year.

The Twisty Star topper was the class project from my recent "Piece by Numbers," Paper Piecing class. I had a great group of students and we all had a good time.

A student pre-folds the pattern.
From time to time I revisit the paper piecing technique for my own work—to include a block or two in a quilt. After I reorient myself to "thinking backwards" while piecing, I recollect why this technique is so much fun. This technique also presents me with an opportunity to challenge myself when I need to design a block of a specific size or for a specific theme.

The students did really well in class and seemed to click with the technique after the first and second piece was sewn to the foundation. They all completed one quadrant of the Star patten and some got two finished. Here are their works in progress.
Student work: Twisty Star paper piecing.
Carol Doak, the queen of paper piecing, has several books with patterns for all levels of experience. There is also newsprint patten paper that easily feeds through your desktop ink jet printer for printing out commercial or your own patterns.

If you can sew on the lines and count, you can paper piece!
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