Thursday, June 23, 2011

ATCs: Last thing at night

Now exhibiting at the FiberAntics ATC swap is: "Last thing at night," the sequel to the May ATC swap, "First thing in the morning." What's your routine or ritual before you toddle off to dreamland? Here are what our ATC artists had to say...
left: "Last thing at night"
right: "... before the dreams begin"
left: "Turn off the light"
right: "R and R"

left: "Reading my Bedtime Stories... (sometimes with my eyes closed)"
right: "Counting Sheep"

above: "My cousins and I write our "2 for 2" to each other"

above: "2 for 2" inside

Lucy (short for Lucifer)
Lucy, the neighbor kitty, finds a nice comfortable spot (at our house) to sprawl out before he catches some Zzzzzzzz.

The theme for July ATC swap is "Memorable lines from the Movies." If you want to swap with us, e-mail me by June 27, 2011.
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