Friday, February 25, 2011

ATCs: Feathers

"Yummy, yummy, yummy, I've got bird in my tummy."
Bird? What bird?? Did you see a bird?

"Feathers" (not "Birds") was the theme of the February FiberAntics ATC swap. The cat on this ATC (gulp) appears to have a mouthful.

Photos, fabric, die-cuts, paint, stamped images and, of course, feathers adorn the other interpretations of this Artist Trading Card theme. Enjoy!

Left: "Feathered Friends"  Right: "Feathers" with my sister as the model.
Left: "Quothe the Raven: "Nevermore"" from a photo taken in 1971.
Right: "Birds of a Feather"

Left: "Painted Feathers"  Right: "Feathers"
Above: "Feathers—Molt"


  1. These are all so cool! The Molting bird and the cat eating the bird made me laugh!

  2. The cat with the feathers in its mouth cracked me up, too!


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