Saturday, January 29, 2011

ATCs: What's your Coffee Mate?

Ever stop and think about all the things that go with coffee? The ATC artists who participated in this month's ATC swap have illustrated quite of few. Here are their responses to the theme, "It goes with my coffee." What's your favorite coffee mate?

Left: "It goes with my Coffee— Friends"
left: "Brain cells awaken, thoughts of a treat, and the news..."
right: "Bright eyed. Bushy tailed."
left: "What goes with my coffee? A coffee mate."
right: "Perfect morning with a friend."
left: "Splenda and the daily Sudoku puzzle."
right: "Not your Mother's Cream and Sugar."

left: "Coffee and something sweet"
right: "It goes with Coffee"
Here is the back of "Coffee and Something Sweet"—a gingerbread cookie.
I'll take two to go, please
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