Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lace Knitting class: design-a-scarf lace sampler

Lace sampler scarf for Lace Knitting class.
I just finished blocking this lace sampler scarf—the class project for my upcoming Lace Knitting class. The motivation behind this class (and the project) were the students in my Beginning Knitting class at Chattanooga State community college. They saw a vest and another scarf I had made, and said, "We want a class on that!" How could I refuse??

The Lace Knitting class meets for two 3-hour sessions, Monday evenings, November 29 and December 6. (Registration is still open. Just call 697-3100.)

The class covers basic concepts of lace knitting, a how-to on reading charts, and I'll be introducing students to several types of lace patterns. We'll be doing some design work to create this sampler scarf, so students will have the opportunity to personalize it to their individual tastes. I think it will be fun that way, and also impart the idea that a pattern can be used a jumping-off place. Take it... be inspired by it... modify it... and make the project your own.

This olive green scarf was created using a sock yarn, Happy Feet, by Plymouth. A lace weight yarn could also be used. Here are some yarns my class will be using.
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