Friday, October 29, 2010

ATCs: Just add water

Just add water and you can transform one thing into something totally different. "Just Add Water" was the theme of the FiberAntics October ATC swap and there were myriad transformations of paper, color, beads, ribbon and cloth into artist trading cards. Here are this month's mini works of creative and witty art.
 Left: "Just add water... and maybe some fruit.. or cheese." Recipes included.
Right: "TANG. The breakfast of astronauts." Russian tea recipe on the back.
Left: "Just add water... the only way to get a rainbow."
Right: "Just add water."
 Left: "Please!! Just  add water."
Right: "Just add water and flowers will smile for you..."
 "Underwater Song"
Inspired by a Harry Potter movie.
 Left: "Just add water"
Right: "Cool refreshing glass of water—and new friends!"
 Left: "Just add water. Your very own concentrated oil spill..."
Directions included on back.
Right: "Just add water"
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