Friday, September 24, 2010

ATCs: Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories

For the artists in this month's Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap, the theme of "Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories" conjured up magic and myth and portrayals of fanciful characters and evil adversaries.

Fairies, princesses, wicked trolls and monsters under the bed... that's what bedtime stories—and this month's ATCs—are made of. It was a playful theme with numerous creative possibilities. The traders tapped into their inner child and did not disappoint!

Here (right) is "Tinkerbell's Tower."

Left: "The Princess and the Frog"
Right: "Water Fairy"

Left: "Once Upon a Time"
Right: "There's one in every story"

Left: "A Fairy with no Tale"
Right: "In your dreams, you are always the princess."

Above: "Mama, please read one more."
The little doll slips in and out of the bed, and the bed sheets are flannel.

Above: "Tooth Fairy"
The Tooth Fairy removes the tooth from under the pillow by pulling the pink ribbon.

And who can forget, "The Monster under the Bed" (above).

I guess I'll leave the night light on. Boogey, boogey, BOO!

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