Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where's MY quilt?

You can't give to one without giving to the other... so they say. This becomes especially apparent when Brother #2 is present when Brother #4 receives the "Cabins in the Pines" quilt. "Where's my quilt?" says Brother #2. They also say... "If you don't ask, you won't get." And, Max is not bashful about asking.
Over the years, I've made several signature quilts, retirement quilts, birthday and get-well quilts for friends at work—all female co-workers. I think it's easy to make quilts for women and kids because anything goes. For a guy, however, who won't sleep under those "flower-y Hawaiian-looking bedspreads," a quiltmaker must scrutinize more carefully the choice of pattern and fabrics.
So, here is Max's quilt, "Checks and Balances," (named by Brother #1) which I believe has met the bro-criteria. I free-motion quilted it with loopy free-form feathers over the center section and vines and leaves in the green outside border. A colorful variegated cotton quilting thread was used. [Finished size: 66" x 77"; 7 bobbins.] This was quilted on a domestic sewing machine—my Janome 6500.
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