Friday, December 4, 2009

It's "The Holidays" ... an artist trading card swap

So, what's your fav holiday? Pick one, any one—your holiday du jour. "The Holidays" was the theme for this ATC swap and the holidays depicted were not just the current end-of-year, cold-month commemoratives, but spanned the entire year ... and farther.

The inspiration and creativity of the artists in the FiberAntics ATC swaps never ceases to amaze me. At first site, I am impressed at how the techniques are so skillfully executed and the thoughtfully chosen color palette enhances each card's composition. A further inspection—and a flip to the back side of the card—reveals specifics on the materials used and how "personal" these choices can be. Participants will certainly smile (or LOL) over the inspiration for the Santa ATC (bottom row, far left). Who'da thought to use this "fabric"? An ATC artist did!

So, if your 2010 calendar doesn't have some of these holidays listed, here they are:

June 6, National Day in Sweden; September 20, International Day of Peace; January 26, Australia Day

February 6, Waitangi Day; March 8, International Women's Day; April 26, Secretaries Day

October 10, Cuban Independence from Spain 1868; July 12, Battle of the Boyne, a Northern Ireland holiday (of sorts); 5th Full moon of the year, Dragon Boat Festival.

May your holidays be merry all through the year!
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