Saturday, November 21, 2009

"A Page from my Journal" quilt challenge

This week my quilt guild, the Choo Choo Quilters, revealed the results of its annual Guild Challenge. From a small guild of about 18 members, there was an excellent response—including an entry from a visiting quiltmaker. The 9 journal quilts on display illustrated memories of people, special occasions, and trips to places far and near in a variety of fabrics, stitches and trims.

The Challenge, entitled "A Page from my Journal," asked participants to take a page from their life's diary and document it in a 16" x 16" quilt. With a reference to the crazy quilt era in which fragments of clothing, decorative stitching and other embellishments were incorporated into quilts, entries were required to have at least 5 different woven or non-woven fabrics, 3 different decorative trims and include hand or machine embroidery in the composition. The quilt style could be pictorial, abstract, collage, pieced or appliqué.

Congratulations to all the participants and Challenge winners! Here are their "stories in cloth."

"Bad Hair Day" by Kim H.

"Pennsylvania Snow Day" by Deb H.

"Julia's Girls do the Town" by Cristy C.

"Ireland's Treasure" by Mayrelou S.

"Memories of Gram" by Veronica H.
Best Workmanship award
Viewers' Choice/Best of Show

"A Travel Journal" by Vista M.
Most Variety of Fabrics and Trims award
Best Use of Embroidery and Embellishments

"A Day in the Garden" by Sherry B.

"Birthdays" by Delores D.

"Pink is my new Favorite Color" by Ginny M.
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