Sunday, August 2, 2009

ATCs: The Elements series—Earth

What can I say??? Another great Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap! These are the ATCs from the second in our 4-month series entitled The Elements. The theme was "Earth."
The titles for the cards are: 1. Earth's Geology; 2. Earth; 3. From the Earth; 4. Mineral Wealth; 5. Fool's Gold; 6. Earth; 7. Earth; 8. Earth Song; 9. Mother Earth/good & bad; 10. Mother Earth. Although some of the interpretations followed similar lines of thought, the materials and methods used to execute the ideas were quite diverse: beads, copper mesh, metallic threads, gold edge paper ribbon, silk fibers, fabric and paper; painting, rusting, stamping, embossing, iris folding, stitching, punching, appliqué and digital collage.

Nine artists participated in the group swap. Card #1 was from a personal swap which I thought everyone would enjoy seeing as it followed the Earth theme. I'm very proud to have this inspiring and thought-provoking collection with a piece of art from each of these very talented artists. Thank you, ATC artists!


  1. Veronica, oh thanks so much for posting, I could hardly wait to see. You are so right they are excellent again. Please sign me up for fire.... and water too I am already working on fire.
    I love it. Thank you again for doing this.
    Liz Armstrong

  2. Got my ATCs on Friday--what fun! Olivia is VERY excited since this is her first "big girl" trade. Love them all and can't wait to see how evryone interprets "Fire." I already have the design forming in my head for my cards. Thanks so much for all the heavy lifting Veronica.


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