ATC Themes

The FiberAntics ATC swap is currently on hiatus. Please enjoy the creative work of the artists from past swaps. Photos of artwork are for inspiration only. The copyright for the art remains with the artist.

What is an Artist Trading Card (ATC)?
Artist Trading Cards, or ATCs for short, are miniature works of art the size of baseball trading cards (2.5" x 3.5"). They can be created with any wet or dry medium or technique. As the name implies, and adhering to M. Vanci Stirnemann's original intent, they are traded and not sold. My monthly ATC swaps have a theme.

Previous ATC themes
January 29: Houses
February 26: Whisperings from within
March 25: Calligraphy
April 29: Signs of Spring
May 27: A face for the radio (radio personalities)
June 24: Three of a kind
July 29: "The scent/smell of ____ reminds me of ____."
August 26: My town
September 30: In the kitchen
October 28: Creatures of the night
December 2: Street art

January 30: Three Words of Advice
February 27: Transparency
March 27: Herbs
April 24: Steampunk Style
May 29: Geometry
June 26: Things with Wings
July 31: My first paying job
August 28: You won't find this job on my resume
September 25: Art Deco
October 30: Symbols
December 4: Spoonerisms

January: Bears
February: The Fine Print (text only)
March: Feet
April: "When not working, you'll find me _____"
May: From the deck: Aces and Jokers
June: From the deck: Royalty (picture/face cards)
July: From the deck: number cards
August: "____-ing up a storm"
September: Nine
October: Pumpkins
Nov/Dec: Simple Things

Jan: Five
Feb: Doodles
March: Birds
April: The best things in life are...
May: Send in the clowns
June: Things found on restaurant napkins
July: Pasta
August: On the fence
September: A walk in the park
October: From the Stone Age
Nov/Dec: Black or White

Jan: Who's who in the Zoo
Feb: Legs
March: Batter up!
April: Fast Food
May: Slow Food
June: Technology
July: In the style of ____ (pick a famous artist)
August: Aphorisms
September: What's in your Heart? (to coincide with Quilting Arts magazine ATC swap)
October:  Famous Authors
November: The Big Chill

Jan: It goes with my coffee
Feb: Feathers
March: Things that changed other things
April: The view from here
May: First thing in the morning
June: Last thing at night
July: Memorable lines from the movies
August: Below the surface
September: Only so much will fit
October: Inside/Outside
November: What did we do before we had __?

Jan: It's about time
Feb: Epigrams
Mar: From the garage
April: If I were a flower
May: Bridges
June: Folklore across the Continents
July: Architectural Elements
Aug: Signs
Sept: Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories
Oct: Just add water
Nov: Lines and Grids

Jan: Yellow
Feb: Connections
Mar: You can't have too many (too much)
April: Think Green
May: Around the World
June: The Elements: Air
July: The Elements: Earth
Aug: The Elements: Fire
Sept: The Elements: Water
Oct: It's a Girl Thing
Nov: The Holidays
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