Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ATCs: Simple Things

These days, the hustle and bustle of the season can be overwhelming. Everyone is rushing, planning and multi-tasking—not without more than a little stress on top of it.
"A steaming mug on a cold day…"
by Kathy Dillon

   It might be time to take a moment …


   Breeeeathe in.



Take a look at the November/December Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) with the theme, "Simple Things." Remind yourself to find joy in a few stolen moments. And enjoy the pleasures of simple things.

"The Simple Things"
by Lisa Howard
"A penny saved is a penny earned!"
by Liz Armstrong
"Simple Things"
by Marilyn League

"A hot cup of tea on a cold day"
by Veronica Hofman-Ortega
"It is better to light a single candle
than to curse the darkness."
by Karen Downer
"Simple pleasures… warm sand, cool breezes"
by Carlene Jacobsen

"Coffee Break"
by Debbie Joyner
"Scissors, Thimbles, Needles and Thread"
by Bonnie Stevens

"Hot Chocolate"
by Sharon J. Griffith
Thanks to all the ATC Artists who've shared their art, time, skills and talent with me and those in my Artist Trading Card swaps this past year. My heart and my ATC collection overflows.


  1. hi veronica! you left a comment on my blog, but i never received it in my email, so i am responding to your question, here on yours, about the christmas coasters i made. I fuse fabric to a fusible web, and then run it through my die cutter machine. t hen i fuse the snowflakes onto another pre-cut die shape {a circle} and steam press to set the fusible web, so it is raw edges for the snowflakes shapes. the round circles are then placed right sides together, sewn, and then a slit is cut in the back, turned inside out, pressed, and then a star shape or heart shape is fused over the slit in the back. done! hope that helps answer your question! thank you for coming by the blog, and leaving a comment! appreciate it.


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